Rebel Wired: Culture Creates Curiosity

Rebel Wired: Culture Creates Curiosity

Today I'm fortunate enough to be in Antigua 🇦🇬.  Amidst everything we all have going on in our lives, it's important (to me and I hope for all of you) to take much needed breaks once in awhile. I am all about the grind. But I'm also all about the fact we only get so many goes around the sun, and we have to take time to live life, and do things that bring us joy, and personal growth. One of those things for me is experiencing different cultures, and foreign lands I have not seen before. This is my 5th island I've now seen in the West Indies, and my goal is to visit every one of them, and go back to the favorites down the road. We all have to have goals, and this is one of mine. 


There is something so liberating to expanding the mind and getting out of the grind for a bit. Foreign countries each carry their own unique heritage and culture. They also come with their challenges. Internet being one of them as I write this on my phone. 


The purpose of me telling you this is I had a unique experience today as I sat on the beach and set up camp within ear distance of a local man running his jet ski business. I was curious how his business worked and how he ran it. He had both ends of the beach covered and everywhere in between. I watched and listened as he interacted with his young employees (one of them his son) as they reported back and stopped in from time to time. He ran this business well, and is a mentor to the younger guys. While sitting there I was approached by 2 young boys, that were 12 and 13, selling aloe vera for the skin. I must have looked "cooked" as they sold me hard. We asked them what they were saving for. They said they wanted new clothes for the upcoming carnival in a couple of months. You see, this desire in humans to go after and get what drives them and makes them happy, is not just a you or I thing. This is a human thing, all over the world. These guys aren't making excuses, they're busting their butts every day in the scorching heat to make it work.

Every day, we are often caught in the repetitive grind of life, where routine becomes a comfort zone that subtly confines us. It’s in these moments, when the days blend into one another, that the essence of life begins to dim. However, stepping away from the familiar and diving into a new culture, like here in Antigua, can be a revitalizing elixir.

Culture is the lifeblood of curiosity. It's an invisible force that compels us to explore, ask questions, and seek understanding. When you walk the streets of a foreign land, every sense is heightened. The unfamiliar sounds, sights, and smells stimulate the mind, challenging preconceptions and awakening a deep thirst for knowledge. In Antigua, every interaction—from a simple exchange at the local market to the intricate stories woven into the historic sites—is a lesson in history, humanity, and humility.

But why is this exposure to different cultures so transformative? It's because it teaches us about resilience, adaptability, and the beauty of diversity. When we step into another culture, we step outside of ourselves. We become students of the world. The challenges of navigating a new environment, understanding a different set of social norms, and even overcoming language barriers, all contribute to personal growth. They make us more resilient and adaptable, qualities that are essential in all aspects of life.

Moreover, experiencing different cultures enriches us by expanding our worldview. It opens our minds to new ideas, new ways of seeing, and new possibilities. In Antigua, the fusion of Caribbean, African, and British influences creates a unique cultural tapestry that is both enchanting and enlightening. Each cultural element tells a story, offering insights into how history shapes our present and how different threads are woven into the broader human experience.

So, as I wander through Antigua, each step reminds me of the importance of breaking away from the everyday grind. It’s not just about seeking leisure or escape but about engaging deeply with the world around us. Through these cultural explorations, we not only satisfy our curiosity but also cultivate a greater appreciation for the diversity and richness of human life.

Let us all be adventurers at heart, curious learners who seek to understand the world in its splendid variety. Whether it’s through traveling to distant lands or exploring the cultural riches of our own communities, every step into the unknown is a step towards personal growth and global understanding.

In this journey, remember that every culture has something valuable to teach us. So, keep your mind open, your questions ready, and your heart willing to learn. The beauty of the world awaits those brave enough to explore it.


Stay Relentless,


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