Rebel Wired: Joy of My Life

Rebel Wired: Joy of My Life

 Life is so incredibly interesting, intriguing, exciting, challenging, rewarding, and the one journey we're all on in which we get to write the storyline, and make decisions that will effect ourselves in the future.

If you know anything about me, it's very hard for me to sit, to be still, to slow down. Relentless Rebel is like an addiction to me. I am constantly working to improve it for our customers. This may be working with the design team to come up with new, meaningful designs to help inspire people. This could be working in the warehouse with the production team to improve processes, production times, fulfillment times, and shipping times and working day in and day out to keep improving the quality of our apparel. This is also traveling around to country to research and test suppliers.

But that's not what this one is about. This one is much simpler than that. This is "The Joy(s) of My Life", and the joys of your life.

How fast this world moves, coupled with my Relentless Rebel addiction, it's hard for me to stop. But this week I did. This week I am in Arizona, with my kids, my girlfriend, and her kids. I'm here with the joys of my life. And for once, without an agenda or "things to do". Stepping away from it all, albeit for a brief period in time.  I am currently writing this poolside, in the hot sun, my kids living their best life in the pool, and Chris Stapleton banging over the Bluetooth speaker. Sidenote for you AZ folks, how is a pool in the desert this dang cold? It's like an ice path. But being from MN, I'll still take it.

While relaxing now, yesterday not so much. One of my little guys started the trip off by projectile vomiting at the airport terminal. This continued on the plane, again at the terminal when we arrived, the car, the ballpark, and the kitchen sink. 6 times in total. Poor guy. He is feeling much better today. 

My other little guy, unfazed by the ice bath pool temperature, is jamming around the backyard with his friends like he owns the place.

The point of all of this is I've got the time, without the professional distractions, to really slow down, and take in these precious life moments with the joys of my life. Despite the struggles, the ups and downs, and life's challenges, I look to the present and to the future, and I'm a lucky man. And I thank God for that.

In the hum of our ever-spinning world, where the hands of the clock seem to move faster than our heartbeat, there exists a melody that calls us back to what truly matters—the joys of our life. Chris Stapleton, one of my favorites, with his soul-stirring song "Joy of My Life," captures this essence, reminding me of the beauty that thrives in simplicity, in moments often overlooked, yet brimming with unspoken love and quiet happiness, like this one for me.

I remember the first time I heard the song. It was a day much like any other, filled with deadlines, meetings, and the constant buzz of my phone with notifications demanding my attention. Yet, as Stapleton's voice filled the room and my ears, there was an undeniable shift in the air, a momentary pause in the chaos, urging me to reflect on the joys of my life. It was an invitation to slow down, to breathe, to truly see.

This song, for me, became more than just a melody. It was a mantra, a gentle reminder of the importance of cherishing the moments that, in the grand scheme of things, construct the very essence of our happiness. In a world that often values achievement over contentment, "Joy of My Life" serves as a beacon for me. Hearing it just now reminded me of that hectic time in my life when I heard it, and how times like today remind me that every day doesn't have to be hectic.

Amidst the rush of our responsibilities, these moments can easily slip through our fingers like grains of sand, leaving us yearning for more yet unsure of how to grasp onto them. The key, I've learned, is mindfulness—a conscious effort to be present, to live fully in each moment, acknowledging and appreciating the beauty it holds.

It's about making the choice to step away from the noise, to disconnect from the digital world that demands our constant attention, and to reconnect with the tangible, the real. It's about finding balance, understanding that while our ambitions and goals are important, they should not overshadow the small, everyday joys that give life its flavor and color.

I've found my joy in the simplest of things: the comfort of a shared silence with a loved one, the satisfaction of creating something with my own hands, the peaceful solitude of early mornings when the world is still asleep, watching my kids swim endlessly. Finding time to connect with my girlfriend while catering to 4 kids. These moments, though seemingly insignificant, are the ones that I hold closest to my heart, for they are the true joy of my life.

I hope Chris Stapleton's "Joy of My Life" can be a reminder to you, as it is to me. Let it inspire you to seek out and cherish the joys in your life, to prioritize them amidst your busy schedule, and to hold them close as the treasures they truly are. In the end, it's these moments of joy that define us, that give our lives meaning beyond the mundane, and that offer a respite for our souls in the beautiful, chaotic dance of life.

Take a moment. Pause. Breathe. Look around and find your joy, however small or simple it may seem. Embrace it, celebrate it, and let it guide you through the tumult of the world. For in these joys, we find the strength to continue, the inspiration to grow, and the reminder that, no matter what, there is always something beautiful worth living for. You are worth living for. Celebrate the joys in your life, and know that I, and all of us at Relentless Rebel, wish you many, many joys in your life.

Stay Relentless,


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