Rebel Wired: Dust in the wind

Rebel Wired: Dust in the wind

Life, is a beautiful gift, and we are each given the opportunity to do what we want with it. It's unfortunate to see when we pay attention that so many just meander through it, and seemingly idle through it waiting for its passing. That's not me, and I hope it's not you. If it is you, and you're reading this, promise me now you're going to make a change. We only get one, why would you waste it? The premise for this week's writing was derived from reflection on what we each do with the life we are given. 

Why would you write about "Dust in the wind" Ryan?  Why you ask? It's a stark reminder that the life we have here on earth isn't guaranteed, and it's fleeting. While initially a bit morbid, it's meant as a wakeup call to you if you are sitting idly by waiting for, nothing. 

I'm 42, 2 kids, divorced, and many other things. It took me having children, and watching them grow, to finally realize how short life can be. So, I decided some time ago, I will not sit idly by and wait for, nothing. 

One of those" I'll do it someday" things for me was learning to play the guitar. So earlier last year, I said f*ck it, now is the time, and began taking lessons. Every week, same time, same place, no matter if I want to or not, I dedicate the time to my lesson. If you've ever learned to play an instrument, you can probably relate. There is a shit ton of self-doubt. How will I ever get better, how do they play like that? I don't have the gift, it's not more me, I can't do it. All of those thoughts go through your head. But you just keep going. And my public promise to you, and to myself, is I will just keep going. 

So recently my teacher, decided it was time I need to work on my picking. Hence, teaching me the arguably morbid ballad, Dust In The Wind, by Kansas. 

While playing it, frustrating at times, but slowly getting better, it's also served a dual purpose for me. A daily reminder of life, and the value of time. 

 In the vast tapestry of music that has graced our lives, there are these certain melodies that stand the test of time. "Dust in the Wind" resonates as a hauntingly beautiful ballad that reflects the transient nature of life. 

"Dust in the Wind" opens with a simple acoustic guitar riff, a melody that seems to whisper the fragility of life. A dauting opening guitar picking sequence that seems impossible. With practice, I've realized it's not so dauting. The lyrics, delivered with an understated sincerity, paint a picture of the impermanence of our earthly existence. In this universe, we are but fleeting particles, like dust carried by the wind.

Yet, within this melancholic reflection lies a profound truth — the acknowledgment of life's brevity can be a catalyst for transformation. Just as dust dances in the wind, so too can we embrace the winds of change and use them to propel ourselves forward. The realization that our time here is limited serves as a powerful reminder to live authentically, love fiercely, and pursue our passions with unwavering determination. To not sit idly by waiting for, nothing.

"All we are is dust in the wind," let us not succumb to a passive existence. Instead, let's harness the winds of adversity to forge our own destinies. Life may be transient, but the impact we leave on the world can be enduring.

Rather than resigning ourselves to the fate of dust scattered by the wind, let's decide now to be architects of our own stories. Let our lives be defined not by transience but by the marks we make on the canvas of time.

In a world that often feels unpredictable, we can find strength in embracing our own agency. Just as the wind shapes the landscape, we have the power to mold our destinies. It's a call to action — a rallying cry to live boldly, love deeply, and pursue our dreams with unwavering tenacity.

Making this decision now, today, we become the architects of our destiny, navigating the currents of life with purpose. Each choice we make, every obstacle we overcome, contributes to the legacy we leave behind.

"Dust in the Wind" serves as a poignant reminder that life, though fleeting, is a canvas waiting to be painted with the brushstrokes of our dreams. Life is like learning to pick the song Dust in the Wind, with practice and determination, it gets more and more beautiful. Seize this moment with me, transcend the ordinary, and decide now to leave an indelible mark on the world.


Stay Relentless,


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  • Michelle

    I love this. Enjoy life. I think your doing great things. Keep up the positive attitude.

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