Rebel Wired: Change Your Game

Rebel Wired: Change Your Game

In the journey of life, there are those who play by the rules, and then there are those who rewrite them. Today, I want to share with you a truth that transformed my life and can redefine yours: Changing the game is not just about innovation or success; it's about courageously pursuing a path that others might not even dare to dream of. It's about tuning out the voices that don't align with your towering ambitions and embracing a mindset geared towards unparalleled success.

I had a spouse who didn't support my ambitions.

I had friends who were lazy.

I had friends who went to the bar too often.

I had co-workers, and acquaintances who thought it was OK to live on the hamster wheel of getting up, going to work, come home, dinner, TV, bed, repeat.

What's the common denominator in those sentences? It's not an accident I wrote "had" in every one. You see, when you wake up, and realize how short life is, and how "I'll do it someday" or "I'll do it when I'm older" are words of the mediocre, you realize your life can go in one of two directions. Which one is yours going in?  I Changed the Game. I am still working on changing the game. I will not be one to sit by and "do it some day". I hope with all of my Relentless Rebel heart you who are reading this will not waste any more of your life on the "do it some day". Do it now! What the f*ck are you waiting for? I'm not advocating for divorce, or telling all of your friends "you're fired". What I am an advocate for is for you to put deep thought in what it is you want with the days/years you have left on this earth. Turn that damn TV off, quit scrolling reels, pick up a book, take a course, and get out and do.

"Next time someone tells you to slow down, tell them to think bigger." This powerful statement isn't just advice; it's a philosophy for living a life unbounded by the limitations others might try to place on you. When you're moving at the speed of innovation, carving out new paths and shattering expectations, there will be voices that caution restraint. Remember, these voices often come from a place of fear or a lack of vision. The truth is, "I’ve never been told to 'slow down' by people with bigger goals than me." The ones who are truly ahead, the ones who have changed the game themselves, understand the fire that burns within you. They've been where you stand, at the precipice of something great, and they know that slowing down isn't an option. This world conditions people to be slaves. Think about it... That's not OK. Think about it, too many trade their time for money. Modern day slavery in plain site. It's on you to get comfortable being uncomfortable and do something about it. Start now. Take small steps, every single day, in a direction to set yourself free.

In this quest, remember, "Losers fear rejection. Winners fear mediocrity." This is a stark reminder of what's at stake. Rejection is a momentary setback, a temporary sting. Mediocrity, on the other hand, is a life sentence—a resignation to the average, the safe, the uninspired. The fear of being average, of never reaching your true potential, should be the motivator that drives you forward, pushing you to excel, to innovate, and to lead.

Embodying these principles isn't just about speaking them into existence; it's about living them so fully and completely that they become part of who you are. "The best way to remember a quote is to do it so many times you don’t need to say it anymore because it becomes who you are." This transformation isn’t just about achieving personal success; it’s about becoming a beacon for others, a testament to what's possible when you refuse to be held back by fear or doubt. Prove your haters wrong with action.

"Whenever you think someone had it easy, it’s usually a sign that you don’t know them that well." Every game changer, every leader who has made a dent in the universe, has faced their own set of challenges and adversities. Their paths, fraught with obstacles and setbacks, were overcome not by luck but by relentless perseverance and an unwavering commitment to their vision. You will have setbacks. I've had setbacks. Some that seemed insurmountable at times

So, as you embark on your journey to change the game, to redefine what's possible in your field, your community, or your life, remember these principles. Tune out the noise of those who don't share your vision or ambition. Surround yourself with individuals who challenge you to think bigger, to aim higher, and to fear only the trap of mediocrity. Let your actions speak so loudly, embodying these truths so fully, that your life becomes a living testament to them.

Changing the game isn't just about personal success; it's about setting a new standard, elevating those around you, and leaving a legacy that inspires generations to come. So, go ahead, embrace your unique path, fear mediocrity, and never let the fear of rejection deter you from your ambitions. Remember, in the grand tapestry of life, it's those who dare to rewrite the rules, who truly leave a mark.


Stay Relentless,



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