Marketing and Content Creator

About the Position


This position is all about expanding Relentless Rebel's marketing and branding efforts. A compelling brand is the lifeblood of success in consumer apparel, and we want this position to focus solely on creating and executing the most compelling brand voice possible. We will expect you to drive the growth of RR's brand voice in the marketplace and connect with our growing customer base through compelling original content.

Here are some tasks you will be expected to do:

  • Create charismatic and engaging ad campaigns
  • Edit photo and video content for ads and organic social media pages
  • Brainstorm concepts for brand content and marketing strategies, including digital online advertisements, social media, and other mediums
  • Ambassador outreach and management
  • Manage social media accounts, including original posts, reposting of customer content, and commenting/liking

Email your resume, and any relevant material or experience, along with more about yourself to