Rebel Wired: Tough times never last - tough people do.

Rebel Wired: Tough times never last - tough people do.

There's a powerful truth in the adage, "Tough times never last, but tough people do." This saying has buoyed me through more storms than I can count, and today, I want to share that strength with you.

The Storms of Life

We all face challenges—some of us are battling them right now. Maybe it's a personal loss, a professional setback, or a dream that seems perpetually out of reach. The weight of these struggles can make us feel like we're walking through an endless storm.

I remember (vividly) one such period in my own life. It was a time when everything that could go wrong did. I was faced with financial difficulties, my business was in shambles, I was facing a couple of business related lawsuits (which were bogus), and my personal life was in disarray from a divorce with two young kids. While all of this was happening I was still living under the same roof with my future ex-wife, sleeping in the basement bedroom of the house we shared because I couldn't buy another one while all of this was happening. The future appeared bleak, and hope was hard, if not what felt like impossible, to come by. This, was my low point. My rock bottom.

The Turning Point

But it was during this darkest hour (many dark hours, days, and months) that I learned the most valuable lesson of my life: resilience isn’t just about surviving; it's about thriving. It's about how you stand back up after life knocks you down. I started by making small changes—structuring my day, focusing on what I could control, and expressing gratitude for the smallest of blessings. Things such as my kids, and my health. At the time, that's all I felt I had.

It's in these times you can feel VERY alone. You see, I had it all figured out up until then. I was "on my way". I was married, kids, business, nice house, circles of friends, and retirement accounts. I was doing life the way I thought you were supposed to. So when all of this hit at once, I felt I was a failure, a loser. I felt alone and lost. But, in these times I discovered I was not alone. There were countless others just in my community that I found who were going through similar things. Maybe not all of them at once, but they too were going through a divorce, or were divorced. It gave me hope. As I opened my mind to my life taking a new shape, I sought stories and experiences from those who had overcome their adversities. Each story brought a new lesson and a renewed sense of hope. I met many incredible people I would not have otherwise. I realized that struggles aren’t a detour; they are the path. This shift in perspective was transformative. It wasn’t the burden of my problems that changed, but rather, how I chose to carry them.

The Lessons Learned

Here are some of the lessons that have been pivotal in my journey:

- Persistence is key: Every day, take a step forward, no matter how small. Consistency builds momentum, and momentum brings change.

- Mindset matters: How you view your struggles can define your success. See them as opportunities to grow and learn.

- Support systems are crucial: Don’t go it alone. Lean on friends, family, or communities who can offer different perspectives and emotional support. If you don't feel you have these, or you aren't ready to reach out to them, reach out to us, reach out to me. I've been there!

- Self-care is a priority: In tough times, it's vital to care for your mental and physical health. This is your armor in the battle against challenges.

Embracing Resilience

Today, I stand on the other side of those challenges, not unscathed, but stronger and more resilient. The storms did pass, as they always do, and I emerged not just enduring but thriving. Do I still have struggles, yes. I am far from perfect. But, I am a new man, a different man, I am myself and I continue to learn and shape who I am, and who I want to continue to grow to be.

If you’re walking through tough times, remember this: You are tougher. The journey through adversity is arduous, but it is also a powerful catalyst for personal growth. You won't always see that in the moment, but know you are not alone. Every challenge you overcome crafts you into a more resilient and capable person.

Moving Forward

Let this be your mantra: "Tough times never last, tough people do." Hold onto it, believe in it, and let it guide you through the storms. Your resilience is your greatest asset, and your spirit is unbreakable. Forge ahead with the confidence that you are capable of weathering any storm and emerging victorious, because you are.

Remember, the goal isn't just to get through the tough times but to grow through them. Let each challenge teach you something valuable and make you stronger. You are built to last, designed to withstand life’s storms, and destined to shine after the rain.

Stay strong, stay resilient, and keep pushing forward. Your breakthrough is coming, and when it does, you’ll realize that the tough times were not merely obstacles, but opportunities that paved the way to a richer, more fulfilling life. I am a living testament to that. So to can you be.


Stay Relentless,





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