Rebel Wired: The "In-Between" Chapter.

Rebel Wired: The

Every person who wants to do something in their life or has done something with their life is going through the exact chapter you’re going through right now…and it’s the lonely chapter. 

It’s the chapter where you don’t fit in with your old friends but you don’t have the achievements yet to fit in with a new group of friends. And you’re doing all this stuff.

The free tutorials online and reading everything you can to try and set up whatever you’re working on. 

And you’re going through it and thinking to yourself “Is this even worth it?” Because you’re seeing no signs of success. 

But the sign of success is the hate you get along the way. 

And what you can’t do is bend the knee to their hate and try to fit back in and conform because it’s comfortable and it’s warm. 

It’s like the scene in the matrix when Trinity opens the door when Neo’s about to go take the red pill, he wants to get out of the car. And trinity says “You’ve been down there Neo. You know that road. And you know exactly where it ends. And I know that’s not where you wanna be.” Then he closes the door. 

Right now. This moment that you’re going through is Trinity opening the door and saying you could go back. But then you’d remember exactly why you left. 

So you listen to the podcasts. You read the tweets. Watch the videos. Consume the content. 

Because you know - deep down - “I can do more than this.” 

And you begin to see the person that you could be. And realize how far you need to go. 

But despite how far away it seems, you look back down the dead-end road and know that’s not where you wanna be. 

And so you keep going. realize there’s no turning back.

This, my friend, is your "in-between" chapter.

Life is a series of chapters, each with its own narrative arc, character development, and occasionally, unexpected plot twists. Most of us find comfort in the structured phases—those clear beginnings and endings that neatly package our experiences. Yet, there’s a profound journey often overlooked: the "in-between chapter." It’s that peculiar phase where you’ve stepped out of your past but haven’t quite stepped fully into your future. It’s a time of transition, of potential, and admittedly, of considerable uncertainty.

I remember this chapter well. Feeling like I was caught in a limbo between what was and what could be. It was shortly after my divorce and business failings I talked about in last week's blog. The old ways, the familiar routines, and the known challenges were behind me, yet the road ahead was shrouded in mist, unclear and uncertain. It's like standing on the edge of a map drawn by your previous experiences, about to step off into uncharted territory.

This "in-between" phase can often feel unsettling. You're not the person you used to be; the old solutions and attitudes no longer fit. Yet, the future self you envision isn't fully formed either. You're in a metamorphic state, and that’s inherently uncomfortable—but also incredibly powerful.

The first step in navigating this phase is letting go of the past. This isn't just about moving on from what hurts—it's also about releasing what once comforted but no longer serves you. 

Letting go is not an act of forgetfulness, but an act of forgiveness and strength. It's forgiving yourself for not being perfect and recognizing that holding on too tightly to a former self can limit your growth. This process is about trusting that the lessons learned are sturdy stepping stones to your next big leap.

The key to thriving in the "in-between" is embracing the present moment. It’s tempting to fixate on the end goal—the dream job, the ideal relationship, the perfect balance. However, true growth happens in the now. This is where you build resilience and learn new skills. Each day is a mix of small victories and lessons, each pushing you subtly, yet significantly, towards your aspirations.

During this phase, I learned to redefine what productivity meant. It wasn’t just about ticking boxes or meeting external expectations; it was about introspection, building inner strength, and laying a mental foundation for future successes. It involved learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, which is a skill in itself.

Preparing for the Future

While it’s crucial to live in the present, the "in-between" chapter is also a preparatory class for your future. It’s the perfect time to experiment, to try new things with less fear of failure because, in many ways, you are already in a state of flux. This is when you can afford to be bold in your decisions, to take risks in exploring what truly motivates and excites you.

I started to set intentions, not just goals. Intentions allowed me to focus on how I wanted to feel and who I wanted to be, rather than just what I wanted to achieve. This subtle shift in perspective brought a deeper sense of purpose and alignment into my actions, making the journey as fulfilling as the destination.

The "in-between" chapter might not be the most comfortable or glamorous part of your journey, but it is undoubtedly one of the most important. It's where you truly find out what you're made of. It's where resilience is built, wisdom is cultivated, and a deeper, more meaningful path is carved.

If you find yourself in this chapter, take heart. Keep stepping forward, even if each step feels uncertain. Trust that you are being led to where you need to be, and more importantly, becoming who you are meant to be. This chapter, though challenging, is your bridge to a brighter, bolder chapter that awaits with open pages ready to be filled with your renewed spirit and dreams actualized.

As you embrace your in-between, remember this: every moment of transition is an opportunity for transformation. Make it count.


Stay Relentless,


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