Rebel Wired: Allergies - Lessons from the dugout

Rebel Wired: Allergies - Lessons from the dugout

Coaching my kids' baseball team has not just been about teaching them the rules of the game—it's been a journey of nurturing resilience, passion, and a bit of that spirited determination that turns good players into great ones. And sometimes, the lessons they teach me are as profound as any life coach's seminar.

This weekend while I was coaching one of their games, I overheard a conversation that stuck me. The kids were chattering about various things, from favorite pizza toppings to the more pressing issue at hand—what they were allergic to. Amidst the talk of peanuts and pollen, one of our 11-year-old players, with a grin spreading across his face, chimed in confidently, "I'm allergic to failure."

The simplicity and boldness of that statement brought an immediate smile to my face. Here was a kid who, at such a young age, encapsulated the mindset that many of us strive to achieve throughout our entire lives. **"Allergic to failure"**—what a powerful mantra.

This statement, playful yet profound, opened up a fantastic opportunity for a teaching moment. It sparked a conversation about what it means to be "allergic to failure." We discussed how this "allergy" isn't about never failing—because failures are an inevitable part of life and certainly a part of baseball. Instead, it's about how we respond to those failures. Being allergic to failure means rising each time we fall, learning from our mistakes, and refusing to let setbacks define our capabilities or limit our potential.

Lessons from the Field

In the innings that followed, "allergic to failure" became our team's rallying cry. It was a reminder to each player that while striking out is part of the game, so is stepping up to the plate again with renewed focus and determination. We celebrated every effort, every attempt, and every small victory along the way. This mindset shift didn't just improve their game; it transformed how they approached each at bat, each pitch, and each hit.

A Broader Perspective

The beauty of this philosophy extends beyond baseball. It's a mindset that can transform our approach to challenges in all areas of life. In our careers, our relationships, and our personal growth journeys, being allergic to failure pushes us to persevere, to innovate, and to thrive against the odds. It teaches us that the path to success is paved with lessons learned from each misstep and that true growth comes from resilience.

Join the Team

To everyone reading this, I encourage you to adopt this mindset. Be allergic to failure in your endeavors. Whether you're facing a challenging project at work, a personal goal, or even a relationship hurdle, remember that each setback is a set up for a comeback. Teach your children, your peers, and perhaps most importantly, remind yourself that each failure is not a stop sign but a guideline on the road to success.

Like the spirited young player in our dugout, let's embrace our allergies. Let's be allergic to giving up, to stagnation, and to the fear of failure. Instead, let's be champions of persistence, resilience, and relentless pursuit of our passions. After all, if an 11-year-old can face the game of life with such fearless optimism, so can we. Let's all be like that kid—unstoppably allergic to failure.


Stay Relentless,


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