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Never ceasing, you mean business and you don’t take “no” for an answer. You’re not stopping until you get what you want.
[reb-uh l]
A person who stands up for their own personal opinions despite what anyone else thinks or has to say about it. One who knows who they are and doesn’t compromise their individuality or personal opinion for anyone. A rebel is usually straightforward & honest and will sure as hell tell it like it is. (more people are rebels than they realize)
[this does not mean a rebel is just ‘goth’, ‘punk’, ‘metal’, etc…a rebel is anyone who stands strong on who they are and their beliefs and is simply being themselves in a society that wants to dictate who & what a person should be]
All that being said Relentless Rebel is about you being you…whoever you are or want to be.

You will find a variety (items always being added & updated) of products from jewelry, clothing, household items, misc here on Relentless Rebel.